Show trial of Vice Principal Khan Terrence by Cameroon Military Tribunal backfires Big time!

The ongoing show trial of peaceful protesters from the 2016 general strike against efforts by Cameroon to institute the French colonial legal system in Ambazonia hit a snag at the sentencing of law student, Ambazonia Parents Teachers Union CAPTAC activist, and Vice Principal of the acclaimed Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili, Penn Terence Khan.

Below is a typed version of Mr. Khan’s dressed down of the Cameroon military tribunal after they dragged him to court for sentencing following his refusal to voluntarily participate in the court’s procedure in civil disobedience to the courts violations of his fundamental human rights.

Also Attached is a statement by Honorable Wirba Joseph the elected Parliamentarian for Jakiri in the North zone of Ambazonia.