CORRECTION NEEDED: Nji Ban critiques "How US Diaspora Payments Feed the Poor and Fund Conflicts"

Though the article has some merits, it seems to me like a one sided French Cameroun paid lobbyist work. It fails to mention the widespread extortion by French Cameroun security operatives at banks and remittance money collection sites of poor people picking up their remittances. It also fails to address the imposition of a 6% tax in addition to withdrawal charges by the Cameroun government as a means of extortion and rendition. It also fails to mention how Cameroun government officials fund their children’s school fees payments into Ivy League schools in the USA, in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, meanwhile their salaries are capped at a maximum of $12,000/annum, and the per capita income is less than $1/day or $365/year. How come this writer/researcher only focuses on outflows and not inflows. Could it be a strong possibility these government officials are pillaging their state coffers to fund the US economy and educational systems while committing atrocious human rights violations on their people/typically the poor. The writer only sees the Cameroun government and the separatists. It’s does not see that there is a tyrannical government that has been suspended from AGOA, Cameroun citizens in the USA placed under TPS, Cameroun designated as a perpetual Human Rights violator, Military aid to Cameroun government withdrawn or withheld due to severe government misconduct in which case there might be financial crimes as well as burning of villages and indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians. I would like to know the writers research methodologies instead of just relying on the sole testimony of one dead Feka who was by the way alleged to be a Cameroun government sponsored agents provocateurs disguising as a humanitarian agent. It is best to look at ALL money sources, inflows and outflows and have federal disclosure directory where all remittances can be tracked if the writer seems to disregard individual privacy rights in the case of Cameroun or separatists as she calls it. She definitely needs more schooling on how to conduct an unbiased research as well not to come across as a foreign government agent or lobbyist (undisclosed).

Nji Ban analyzed this write up on 12/09/2022
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